Rewardful will email you on the 1st of the month if you have commissions due and it's time to pay your affiliates. The email will include a link to your Rewardful dashboard with a summary of how much you owe each affiliate.

Paying commissions

Right now Rewardful does not process commission payments on your behalf. You can choose to pay the commissions however you like, but most of our customers choose to use PayPal.

PayPal Mass Pay

Rewardful does have a beta feature that allows you to export your commission payments to a CSV file that is compatible with PayPal Mass Pay. This allows you to upload your CSV file to PayPal and pay all due commission with just a few clicks.

If you have due commissions, you'll see a button labeled "Export PayPal CSV" on the campaign overview screen in your Rewardful dashboard. Click this to download a CSV file that can be uploaded to PayPal.

After you've downloaded the CSV file, from your PayPal dashboard go to Tools → Send Money → Make a mass payment and upload the CSV file when prompted. After you've completed the payment, mark the commissions as "paid" in Rewardful as shown below.

Note: To reduce fraud, PayPal may require you to phone them to enable the mass pay feature on your PayPal account.

Marking commissions as paid

Once you've paid the commissions, select the ones you've paid and click the "Mark as paid" button:

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