The majority of analytics platforms, including Google Analytics, default to last-touch attribution. I (Brady) am a strong believer in using first-touch attribution for our marketing activities at Rewardful as it's more helpful in understanding how someone first discovered your business. Since Rewardful uses first-touch attribution, I use our tracking engine for almost all our marketing activities and it's proven fruitful in knowing which channels to scale up.

The other major benefit in using Rewardful for tracking marketing activities is most analytics platforms don't track subscription revenue well. In other platforms, you can trigger an event when someone signs up or converts but you have no data on which plans they signed up for, how much revenue they generated and their downstream recurring payments (or churn). Since Rewardful is built for subscription revenue, you'll have more insight into what happens downstream.

How to use Rewardful for internal marketing tracking

First, navigate to your Campaigns Overview page and set up a new Campaign by clicking the button on the top-right.

Next, set the commission percentage to 0

This will skip generating commissions on these payment.

You might also want to 'Show advanced settings' and set the campaign to private and change the default cookie setting if you want a different attribution period.

You'll then want to add yourself as an affiliate to this campaign to begin generating links. You can create multiple links for different activities you want to track separately.

Tip: for more detailed reporting, click the 'Export links...' on the bottom-right of the affiliate portal dashboard.

That's it! You should be all set up to use Rewardful's links for your internal tracking.

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