Integrating Rewardful is a quick way to set up affiliate programs for your WooCommerce site. We automatically track referred Visitors, Leads and Conversions from your affiliates, customers, influencers and/or partners. Commissions are automatically adjusted for any billing event changes such as downgrades, upgrades, free trials, cancellations and refunds.

Each person that signs up to your program will receive a personalized dashboard where they can create and manage their affiliate links, stats and track their success.

  1. Add our step-1 tracking script to your site theme's header.php (after the opening <head> tag).

  2. Skip step-2 and follow the instructions below:

rewardful('convert', { email: '{customer_email}' });

  • Save changes

It should look something like this:

Important: Ensure you're not allowing Guest Checkouts in your WooCommerce settings. This means the email variable that needs to get passed back to Rewardful won't exist. With WooCommerce, you can create accounts in the background so the user experience is the exact same as a guest checkout.

Ensure the settings match the red boxes below:

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